Marketing Services

This is what I bring to the table. Of course, I don’t have to bring all of it, but when you get me, you tend to get the complete package.

Market DNA
I’m a teacher, a student, a catalyst, and a brand guardian. I have an anthropologist’s curiosity about people, places, and culture. I search for the key differentiators that will become the basis for a development and marketing strategy.

Big picture planning
I can provide helpful insight at this early stage when it’s time to determine the right market for the property and the right development strategy to reach that market.

Team building
I can put the right people in the room. And often they are not the usual suspects. I like to introduce unexpected pairings which are, unusual combinations of people to generate new chemistry and new thinking.

Team facilitation
I’m a collaborator and facilitator of the process. I can help guide the conversation from the conference table to the sales floor; from the land planning charrette to the merchandising of information centers and model homes.

Process mapping
By applying this disciplined approach to needs assessment, we can prioritize tasks with the greatest value and provide clear direction to the marketing team. It is particularly useful in a market climate where we have to do more with less.

Consumer workshops
This is the process of putting a human face on the market. Dialing into personal needs, wants, and frustrations. And tailoring an appropriate marketing strategy in response.

Builder relations
When I work with the developers of master-planned communities, I can help strengthen builder-partner relationships and gain their trust. The key (as in all relationships) is an open dialogue where we listen and we also establish firm guidelines. And we show them value for their marketing dollar.

Sales strategy and workshops
I work with sales staff to get them up to speed and consistent in brand messaging. I coach them in relationship building. And I instill discipline and accountability in the communication process from contact to contract to closing and beyond.

Demand creation & management
It’s absolutely critical to come out of the gate at full stride – especially when nothing is there. I help by warming up the market and collaborating with the marketing team to create anticipation and nurture the relationships that lead to early sales.

Value preservation
Because sales and marketing problems are not solved with deals and price reductions. They are corrected with analysis and adaptation while protecting the integrity of the brand.